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OI-9850 WireFree Receiver for Diverse Applications

The Otis Instruments OI-9850 Interface WireFree Receiver is a 255-channel receiver that accepts and interprets radio transmissions from up to 255 WireFree sensor assemblies throughout various industries.  The Interface monitors all 255 WireFree addresses and converts signals to a RS-232 or RS-485 Modbus output. Other digital outputs include Ethernet-to-Website and USB Virtual COM PORT. If…

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3 Reasons to Perform Gas Detection Maintenance

Industrial work environments, and those that include confined spaces, are prime targets for exposure to dangerous gases and vapors. Whether portable or fixed, gas detection equipment is essential to have within these atmospheres. However, the regular maintenance that is often required with them is often overlooked. Proper gas detection maintenance of all instruments is the…

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Complete Management with Otis’ Master Controller

The Master Controller is an information system providing complete monitoring, control and management of field assets both remotely and on-site. With the Master Controller, users have access to a flexible interface and customizable master screen. Designed to meet the demanding, complex needs of any industry, this instrument allows for process equipment management, complete pump monitoring,…

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Saving Lives Through Gas Detection Equipment

Harmful gases are released into the environment on a regular basis. If the application doesn’t have a gas detection system in place, your workers could be exposed to toxic gases without knowing it. Gas detection systems are widely popular and usually required due to their life-saving abilities. Harmful gases can possess many properties; some are…

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Portable Gas Detection in Factories

In factories and other industrial environments, gases are used for a variety of purposes. Some are byproducts of industrial and factory processes, while other gases may result from part of a final product. However, in all cases, worker safety and appropriate protections should always be priorities for factories and companies.  As you are aware, many…

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Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety - Otis Instruments

Choosing Flame Detection for Industrial Safety

In the oil and gas industry, as well as in a wide range of other hazardous process and manufacturing industries, flame detection equipment is essential in preventing catastrophic fires and ensuring industrial safety. To choose an appropriate flame detection system for an application, personnel must consider process and site performance requirements–aiming to mitigate associated hazards.    …

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