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New EPA Ruling Affects Oil and Gas Industry

A case brought before the Supreme Court, West Virginia v. EPA, resulted in the Court restricting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants, in a 6-3 decision. This limits the EPA’s ability to regulate the oil and gas industry with new regulations, as the case sought to…

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Gas Detection Maintenance and Management for Large Industrial Sites

Gas detection maintenance and management is an important factor when using and maintaining your gas detection equipment, especially for large industrial sites. When not utilized properly, companies struggle to obtain useful data that helps the consistent need to improve operations, site and worker safety, and more. Large industrial job sites have many hazards needing to…

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Wearable Gas Detection Technology

While PPE has not traditionally had the capabilities to help prevent human error, the latest safety innovations, such as gas detection wearables, can help provide visibility and data-driven insights, creating adaptable, proactive safety programs and establishing a behavior-based safety culture. Wearable gas detection is designed to be worn by each individual worker while on the…

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