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40 Years Of U.S. Based Manufacturing!

Otis Instruments, Inc. combines superior gas detection technology, unparalleled engineering expertise, and a never ending desire for excellent customer service to solve every issue our clients experience in the field. We are committed to continuing to be the leader in WireFree gas detection.

Our Products

We are the industry leader and produce the most reliable and advanced solutions to keep your workers safe.

WireFree Products

Otis Instruments offers easy-to-use, cost-efficient WireFree units that provide a dependable application with features including enhanced safety, ability to use multiple receivers, time savings through conduit-free setup and maintenance and remote monitoring.

Wired Products

Otis Instruments offers traditional, innovative wired units with features including 4-20 mA analog, RS-485  Modbus standard outputs and magnetic switches for non-intrusive calibration while remaining Class I Division 1 Groups B, C & D certified. 

Flame Detectors

Designed with UV, UV/IR and Multi-Spectrum 5IR, Omniguard devices’ fast response time and long detection distance allow protection throughout a variety of high-risk fire applications. 

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all of your gas and flame detection needs.

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