OtisLink Telemetry Solutions

OtisLink Telemetry systems provide cloud-based remote industrial equipment monitoring devices and related data services. OtisLink devices send alarms by email and SMS text message, along with real-time data viewable on an easy to use website. Connecting the user to assets via wired or wireless configurations, the user can view and manage their equipment effectively.


Through OtisLink’s  advanced technology and innovative strategy to create a unique product, the features listed below are possible to offer any operation:

  • Mobile access to current gas levels, sensor battery levels, alarm relays, mobile dashboards, administrative duties, and high alarm notifications

  • Automated alerts for potential problems received via call, text, or email

  • SSL connection & encrypted passwords for enhanced security

  • Administrative controls to add or remove users, limit equipment control, control alert recipients, and file storage

  • User-friendly customized reports to store and are available for delivery to necessary users

  • Access trends based on historically collected data