OI-415 CO Cockpit Personal Monitor

The TOCSIN⁴ Cockpit Monitor is an advanced single gas detector specifically designed for airplane cockpits. Oxygen-deficient and enriched areas create combustible domains, specifically in confined spaces. Implementing use of trusted personal gas detection instruments within the aircraft ensures continuous safety for pilots.

When selecting a cockpit monitor, it’s important to choose one designed specifically for aviation. Most home CO detectors don’t alert pilots to dangerous levels of CO quickly enough and/or with alarms that are at a level loud enough to be heard over noisy engines. The TOCSIN⁴ Cockpit Monitor, however, solves both problems—it combines a rugged design and reliability with advanced sensor resolution, plus three different alert modes. Advanced micro-processing capabilities allow for quick unit configuration adjustments. The large backlit screen displays CO level in parts per million (ppm).

Key Features

Alerts the pilot to dangerous levels of CO in the cabin

Three alarm modes: audible, visual, and vibration

User-adjustable preset alarm points

Display screen continuously shows ambient air CO levels in PPM

Impact, dust, and water resistant (IP-67)

Replaceable rubber covering for shock protection

Alligator clip with 360° rotation


Continuous operation for up to 9,000 hours

3 year sensor life; field replaceable sensors and filters

Intrinsically safe, ATEX and C / US approvals