OI-5950 XP Switch State Transmitter



The Otis Instruments, Inc. OI-5950 is a WireFree Switch-State Transmitter for use in conjunction with a new or existing WireFree system. The OI-5950 receives signals from up to two individually addressable sensors (pressure switch, temperature sensor, flow sensor, tank level sensor, etc.), and then transmits the state of, and change of state of, that switch.

Part Number Formula: OI-5950-[Radio Configuration]-X-O


Product Specifications

Sensor Type: Any Dry-Contact Switch

Power Type: Single Battery-Powered

Operating Voltage: 3.6 VDC

2-Year Max Battery Life

Gen II 900 MHz Radio or Gen II 2.4 GHz Radio with External Antenna 

Product Dimensions: 5.42 in. L x 6.03 in. W x 17.03 in. H (Max. Dimensions w/ Attachments)

Total Weight: 6 lbs.

Approvals: Explosion-Proof


Class I, Division I, Group B, C and D

Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to +54°C

Hardware Warranty: Limited One Year