OI-6900 WireFree XP Detector




The WireFree OI-6900 Detector is a wireless, dual battery-powered assembly that uses an electrochemical, low-power infrared sensor, or PID element to detect a variety of gases. The OI-6900 offers nonintrusive calibration, allowing the device to remain Class I, Division I, Groups B, C, & D certified, while adjustments are made in the field. 

Part # Formula: OI-6900-[Gas Type]-[Radio Option]-O-2B

Product Specifications

Sensor Type: Electrochemical, Photo Ionization Detector or Low-Power Infrared Sensor

Power Type: Dual Battery-Powered

Operating Voltage: 3.6 VDC

Electrochemical – 2-Year Max Battery Life

Low Power Infrared – 1-Year Max Battery Life

Photo Ionization Detector – 14 Days Max Battery Life

Gen II 900 MHz Radio or Gen II 2.4 GHz Radio with External Antenna 

Product Dimensions: 5.42 in. L x 6.03 in. W x 17.03 in. H (Max. Dimensions w/ Attachments)

Total Weight: 6 lbs.

Remote Sensor Kit (Additional Feature): OI-501 Remote Sensor Kit with Enclosure (7 Pin)

QPS Component Certified Explosion-Proof: 

  • Class I, Division I, Group B, C and D

ATEX/IECEx Product Certified: 

  • II 2 (1) G
  • Ex db mb ia [ia Ga] IIB T6 Gb

Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to +54°C


Hardware: One Year (Limited)

Sensor Element: Varies with Sensor/Gas Type