OI-6940 Quad XP



The OI-6940 Quad is a battery-powered explosion proof 4-gas sensor assembly that uses up to four sensors – Electrochemical, Low-Power Infrared and PID – for sensing an array of gases in ambient air. The Quad is designed to be self-contained, and lasts for up to six months using a 3.6VDC battery-pack.

Part Number Formula: OI-6940-[# of Sensors]-[Radio Frequency]-XP

Product Specifications

Sensor Type Options: Electrochemical, Photo Ionization Detector or Low-Power Infrared Sensor

Number of Sensors: 2, 3 or 4 (maximum 1 PID and 1 LPIR)

Battery Type: 3.6VDC

Battery Life: Up to 6 months (Normal Operation with Standard Sensors)

Gen II 900 MHz Radio or Gen II 2.4 GHz Radio with External Antenna

Standard Sensors: H2S, LEL, CO & O2

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +60°C

QPS Component Certified Explosion-Proof:

Class I, Division I, Group B, C and D


Hardware: One Year (Limited)

Sensor: Varies with Sensor/Gas Type