OI-7032 Hybrid Data-Logging Monitor

OI-7032 Monitor - Otis Instruments

The Otis Instruments, Inc. Gen II OI-7032 (32-Channel) is a hybrid monitor and data logger that supports up to 32 WireFree sensor units, and up to four 4-20mA input sensors (when only 28 channels are setup as WireFree).  The OI-7032 is backward compatible with Gen I WireFree sensor units, and also supports Gen II Wirefree sensor units (configurable).

Part Number Formula: OI-7032-[Power Supply]-[Radio Frequency]-A4

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Operating Voltage: 12V to 35V DC or 120V AC

Protection: Power EMI filter, surge suppression, 4-20mA and RS-485 surge suppression

Compatibility: Otis WireFree and wired (4-20mA input) sensor assemblies

Radio Options: One Legacy radio: 900 MHz, 100mW and/or one Gen II radio: 2.4 GHz ISM, 100mW; 900 MHz, 200mW

Operating Temp. Range: -20 to 122 degrees F

Current Draw: 400mA at 24 Volts DC

Certifications: NEMA 4 (enclosure only)

Memory: 2 GB USB

Channels: 32

Wired Out: RS-485 Modbus

Relays: Four Dry-Contact with 4 Amp Fuses

Gases: All that are supported by Otis sensor assemblies

Enclosure: Stahlin 12x10x6 fiberglass with clear window

Display: 7.0 Inch 800×480 pixels resistive touchscreen

Warranty: Hardware: 1 year (limited)

Power: AC, DC

Radio Configuration: Gen II 900 MHz Radio, Gen II 2.4 GHz Radio

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