OI-9850 Interface




The Interface OI-9850 is engineered to accommodate the WireFree product line of Otis Instruments, Inc., the Interface OI-9850 is a 255 channel receiver that takes in WireFree data from detectors and interfaces with a PLC, DCS, etc.

Part Number Formula: OI-9850-[Power Supply]-[Radio Frequency]-A4-[4-20 Output Channels]


Product Specifications

Operating Voltage: 12V to 35V DC or 120/240V AC

Current Draw: 160 mA at 24 VDC (No 4-20 outputs), 3.84 Watts

Compatibility: Otis WireFree Sensors

Channels: 255 WireFree 

Wired Output: Configurable RS-485 or RS-232 Modbus, 4-20mA (optional), Virtual COM Port Over USB, Ethernet-To-Website (Real-Time Values)

4-20 Output Channels: 0, 8, 16, 24, 32

Operating Temp: -20°C to +60°C 


Hardware: One Year (Limited)


10”L x 8”W x 6”H

25.4 cm x 20.32 cm x 15.24 cm

Weight: 10.0 lbs (4.54 kg)

Enclosure Rating: Nema 4

Power: AC or DC

Radio Configuration: Gen II 900 MHz Radio, Gen II 2.4 GHz Radio